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I believe in results. Results speak for themselves – results are the testimonials of commitment, dedication and focus. Mostly combined with Hard Work.

Working with my clients whether in training and coaching activities on sales development or in corporate strategy transformation initiatives for over 25 years, my key advice is to start with the end in mind. Working backwards from where you want to be to where you are now is a clever and effective way to define what you have to do to actually get there.

As a dedicated cyclist I love to compete – and I love to collaborate. I know and have experienced many times that performance exponentially improves working as a team, in a team. Apart from the human factor methodology matters – disciplined follow up and follow through based on research and proven methods is essential to measure, track, develop and improve performance. Talent alone is never enough.

The same goes for the corporate business world – you cannot survive without collaboration, partnership and insights. Not as an individual, not as a business.

If you want the best results you need to work with the best resources. I am confident that I have found these in my business partners Miller Heiman Group and MindsandMore – see further down this page. Following a 4 stages development process that I designed over the years in combination with proven methodology, measurement practices, training, reinforcement and common sense I passionately look to support the endeavors of those who seek to achieve their best.